Meet Binah

I always thought Jewish jewelry could be chic, but from the time I was a little girl finding something "Jewish" that I loved and wanted to wear presented a challenge. That stayed with me when I started my career in the jewelry trade on New York's famed 47th Street.

Eager but unable to find Stars of David and Hamsas in elegant and understated designs, I began creating my own. Pretty soon a small collection emerged and Binah, taken from my Hebrew name, was born.

Binah pays tribute to a rich Jewish heritage by refining the timeless symbols one expects to find in a line of Jewish jewelry - and adding new designs that reflect a more modern sensibility. For me, it's a perfect way to marry 12 years of Jewish study with an affinity for fine jewelry: each piece is handcrafted using precious metals and top-quality diamonds and gemstones

Binah is Jewish jewelry with style and substance - a way to wear on the outside that which is beautiful on the inside. I hope it fits right in with your sense of style and ignites a desire to wear your spiritual heart on your sleeve.


- Nicole Stein